Est. 1978

What started as a small trading company in a rural village forty years ago now has operations spread internationally. Decades of hard work, dedication & perseverance led us to where we stand today.

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Sveston has now become one of the largest mass retail brands in the GCC region primarily because of its affordability factor which comes along with high precision designs, quality and a full 1 year warranty.


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The brand has done successfully in GCC countries including Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arab, and is now aiming to make a mark across the globe. Our motto is to provide statement watches in a budget. We believe that quality watches can be provided at low cost and this is what we strive for.

Our time pieces come with 1-year warranty at extremely affordable prices. Without compromising on quality, we aim to provide you a collection of classy watches that has the power to make any attire look more attractive. Sveston’s collection comprises of Men and Women watches having Japanese Quartz Band movement that comes in different sizes and very attractive designs. With all the latest technological advancement and experience, these are the perfect match for all kind of men and women, whether they are professionals or students.

Elevating your ordinary to extraordinary every single day!

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