UNICMMS – Maintenance & Management Automation System

Plan and schedule preventative maintenance
UNICMMS automates the scheduling of inspections and maintenance, preventing the occurrence of maintenance problems and expensive repairs. Switching from reactive to proactive maintenance also extends the life of equipment while reducing the overall operating costs of the maintenance function.

Manage work orders efficiently
UNICMMS for maintenance and facilities management improves workflow and efficiency by allowing you to schedule, assign, and close work orders quickly and easily. UNICMMS gives you the ability to configure work order screens with the desired fields, automatically tracks all work orders in the system, and captures the history associated with every piece of equipment.

Manage spare parts inventory
When a maintenance department is disorganized, it can be difficult for maintenance managers to find the parts they need, when they need them. UNICMMS system allows maintenance managers to track assets that need to be maintained and set up the automatic reordering of parts, so they have the right spare parts on hand and can perform repairs quickly. UNICMMS also tells you exactly where the parts you need are stored, so you don’t waste any time searching through storerooms.

UNICMMS is continuously helping us drive down the cost of maintenance, increase asset life, improve productivity, reduce downtime and provides transparent collaboration across all our teams.

Ikhlas Ahmed, Universal Engineering Services

Eliminate paperwork
Using UNICMMS for maintenance and facilities management eliminates the need for paperwork and clipboards because the software can be set up to capture information automatically. Furthermore, maintenance personnel can view all information related to work orders on their computers or mobile devices. Therefore, maintenance technicians don’t have to search through folders and filing cabinets to find the information they need.


Enhance productivity
UNICMMS can be linked to mobile devices using QR-Code, enabling maintenance technicians to access real-time information, check inventory, and initiate work orders without returning to the office. This reduces their journey time. Maintenance software also provides maintenance technicians with details about the procedures, parts, and tools necessary to perform a job, so they can work without delay or interruption.

Reduce downtime and repair costs
Downtime is costly both in terms of revenue loss and damage to an organization’s brand and reputation. When you focus on planned, preventative maintenance, equipment downtime is minimized. Because UNICMMS system enables you to regularly maintain structures and assets, they are less prone to breaking down, which means that repair costs are also reduced.

Increase safety 
UNICMMS aids organizations in regularly checking and maintaining equipment and meeting safety standards to prevent malfunction and critical failures. This minimizes the loss of work time due to accidents and makes your equipment safer both for operators and the environment.

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards
UNICMMS allows you to demonstrate regulatory compliance and reduce the amount of preparation and paperwork that’s required for an audit. Maintenance managers can simply generate reports detailing the maintenance work performed on vital machinery. This makes compliance easily traceable and reduces the risk of noncompliance penalties.

Reduce overtime
UNICMMS can cut overtime significantly by reducing the need for emergency maintenance and repairs. By scheduling maintenance, maintenance staff can work more efficiently and effectively.